3 Myths Pastors believe about High Capacity Givers

Freebie Friday now debuts Erik Ely, of Generis Church Fundraising Consultants. Erik is from Columbia, SC, so I feel an immediate connection to him through my college years at Presbyterian College, not far from Columbia.

Pastors have a hard time unleashing their own ministries and the ministries of their congregations because they have misconceptions about “people of capacity” in the pews.

Myth #1 High Capacity givers have it all together because they have money.

Myth #2 High Capacity Givers know how to handle money, including giving it.

Myth #3 High Capacity givers must not have the money I think they do, since they don’t give to our church.

Pastors, let Erik help you get over these myths — 3 Myths Pastors believe about High Capacity Givers.

Thanks, Erik.