5 Benefits of Capital Campaign Success

Consider the benefits of capital campaign success

No doubt about it: managing an effective capital campaign takes planning and organization. So what are the benefits?

Consider the benefits of capital campaign success

People will work very intensely during the campaign. Undertaking a campaign will be a major congregational activity for a period of months. Church leaders will devote even more time than that to the campaign.

Consider, however, the benefits of anticipated success.

People will pitch in and work with one another on a challenging project.

In this endeavor, they will come closer together as a church. People who never knew each other before will become friends. A whole new sense of community and morale will develop in your congregation.

You will discover new talent.

When people are asked to help with a big project you will learn that they have skills you didn’t know about. Sometimes in the church we fall into the rut of asking the same people over and over to do the work of the congregation. However, often others are just waiting for an opportunity to serve. A campaign is big enough to need the talent and determination of most of the congregation – including the children and youth.

Lay people lead the campaign.

When a number of people are involved in the lay leadership, and when they are asked to carry out a project as big and as important as the campaign, the congregation becomes stronger, more self-sufficient. As you complete the campaign and reach the goal the congregation soars with confidence and feels its competence and blessedness.

Your congregation will participate as part of the larger, connectional church.

The congregation is not alone and does not have to feel that the entire weight of the campaign is on their inexperienced shoulders. You can count on the wisdom and expertise of others who have done campaigns. Others churches can offer insights from their own campaigns. And you have the CCS consultant with the experience of many campaigns to guide you through. Thus the congregation feels a renewed sense of connectedness to the wider church.

Some will discover a closer relationship with God.

Team chairs and other leaders may be stretched to the limits of their time and strength. They will have to rely on God to see them through. Some may find their economic resources and lifestyle challenged. But as they meet the challenge they discover a God of abundance who blesses us in many ways. A few may struggle with loss of jobs or income and be unable to keep up their pledge, but they will discover God’s steadfast love in the form of a Fulfillment Team who loves cares about them. Even in the midst of a campaign, the congregation will care for all members, no matter their economic situation.

God’s grace abounds!

So love one another. Shower one another with respect. Work hard side by side. Laugh and enjoy. Be creative. Have fun. Revel in the excitement. Make the pledge of your life. And all that you do, do to the glory of God.