5 Questions an Experienced Campaign Consultant Will Ask

Many churches make errors during the capital campaign planning phase or lose their momentum once the initial campaign launch is over. An experienced campaign consultant will avoid these pitfalls and help guide the campaign from start to finish. Churches who incorporate a professional consultant also experience greater success and raise more funds.

Here 5 questions that experienced campaign consultants will ask – and know how to answer:

1. Who is leading the capital campaign?
An inspiring leader or leadership team can make the vision of your campaign a reality. Great leaders can see the end result, get church members fired up, and lead the charge so that everyone is on the same path to success. Learn more in our blog: The Importance of Inspiring Leaders.

2. What is the mission and vision of your church campaign?
An effective Case for Support creates an image or a roadmap for your capital campaign and for the church’s mission overall. This one-page document sums up your case and presents the vision and the need for the campaign. Read more in our blog: Writing a Case for Support.

3. Are you creating a culture of generosity?
Many churches are struggling with the concept of stewardship and generosity, especially as our country continues to recover from the Great Recession. How does your church balance being sensitive to the economic times with the desire to live generously? Generosity must be cultivated and the joy of giving should be celebrated. You can read more about stewardship and generosity in our blog: How to Create a Culture of Generosity.

4. Have you transferred campaign ownership to the congregation?
Ownership of a campaign should trickle down through the entire congregation. That means it must pass down from the campaign leaders, committee chairs, and committee members to the volunteers and donors. People will only support what they believe in. They need to feel as if the idea is their own. Read more in our blog: How to Create a Sense of Campaign Ownership.

5. How much money can your campaign raise?
There are many factors that will contribute to the financial success of your church’s capital campaign. For instance, how urgently you want to complete the campaign will impact how quickly you move on it. If your church has had open discussions about stewardship in the past, your members will be more aware of church finances and giving levels. Learn more in our blog: How Much Money Can Your Campaign Raise?

Church campaigns that are guided by a professional consultant typically result in at least two to three times the giving compared to churches who do it on their own. Consultant fees should be considered an investment in your success, not a campaign expense.