6 Reasons Why People Give

Reasons Why People GiveThe reasons why people support a cause or fundraising campaign are very personal. In fact, most of us may not even recognize what motivates us to give.

However, if you and your church leaders understand that different members will be motivated to give for different reasons, you can customize your campaign to speak to the needs of your entire congregation.

Here are 6 reasons why people may want to support your capital campaign:

1. Believe the church’s ministry and mission changes lives
Your members may want to give because they truly believe that the church is doing good work for its members. They may feel the ministry is having a redemptive effect on people’s lives. You can even highlight life-changing stories from the congregation that support the church’s impact on its members.

2. Involved in campaign planning or execution
Some members will be actively involved in the planning and execution of the capital campaign. They will support the campaign because they have taken ownership over the objective and will be a key driving force in raising money for the cause.

3. Feel connected to the campaign cause
Some members will feel a strong connection or interest in the particular project or program the campaign will finance. For instance, members may feel strongly that building on to the church or remodeling will expand opportunities and programs for the congregation.

4. Have confidence in the church leadership
Many members will support a campaign if they have respect for the leaders of the church. When the congregation trusts its leaders to do what is best for its members, they can get behind the reasons for the campaign.

5. Respond to an urgent need
People respond to financial requests when they understand the urgency of the need. Members are even more likely to see the need and provide support when they already feel a connection to the ministry.

6. Want to improve their community
Many members will be motivated by a cause that will also benefit the community as a whole. These members often serve on several boards and committees and want to make the neighborhood better for everyone. Churches that serve and engage the larger community will be able to speak to those members who value the community.

Any one of these reasons – or a combination of reasons – can motive your congregation to give. By knowing why your members may give to your church, you can help them understand the importance of supporting your capital campaign.

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