6 Signs Your Congregation is Financially Healthy

imagesStewardship is the way we use our God-given gifts  – talent, time, and treasure – to carry on Christ’s work in the world. We are his disciples.

As part of stewardship, it’s important to understand the financial health of your church. The decisions you make about money are part of stewardship and discipleship.

Here are 6 signs that indicate a church congregation is financially healthy:

1. Understands the concept of stewardship

Do your members understand that all giving – of themselves and their resources – is a result of God’s goodness and generosity? We are meant to spend our lives as disciples of God, growing and learning in our faith.

2. Discusses money in worship

A church must be able to discuss money in the context of worship instead of considering it as a subject only discussed in financial meetings or separate from the congregation. Church members need to believe that the church’s financial health and well-being matters to every member in every pew.

3. Considers offering part of worship

Your congregation should feel that the offertory is an integral part of the worship service. Just like the wine and bread are gifts we bring to God’s table, we present ourselves as an offering through our financial gifts.

4. Talks openly about money

Church members and leaders need to be able to talk openly about money and church finances. How we use our money – as individuals and as a collective – says a great deal about our values and priorities.

5. Engages in mission

Financially healthy congregations engage in mission beyond their own doors and include mission in their stewardship plans. When people see their money being used for God’s work, it reinforces the joy and culture of generosity.

6. Plans for the long-term

A church with a financial vision and long-term plans can see the future of stewardship. Developing a budget and conducting a capital campaign are both long-term processes that require a complete understanding of your church’s financial goals and objectives.

Think about your congregation and where you are in your financial stewardship efforts. Do you have areas you can improve? How can you challenge your members to do more?

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