A Lesson in Abundance and the Joy of Generosity

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Abundance and the Joy of Generosity

At Church Campaign Services, we bring a set of core values to every church were serve. One of those values is a belief in abundance.

We believe there is not just enough of every resource, but there is more than enough. Rather than focus on messages of scarcity and sacrifice, we embrace the rewards and joy of generosity.

This recent article, published on the PC(USA) website, called “Living Richly, A Story of Generosity” brings this concept to life.

While your church members may not be “rich people” as far as monetary value, the richness in their lives may manifest in different ways. It’s up to your church and your leadership to allow every member in every pew the opportunity to give in a generous manner.

You can set capital campaign goals that will challenge your members to respond beyond their own expectations and to grow in faith and commitment.