Answers to your Capital Campaign Questions

Answers to Questions Capital Campaign PlanningFrom the first stages of considering and planning your church’s capital campaign to receiving commitments from your members, Church Campaign Services is ready to assist you.

Here are answers to some of the campaign questions we frequently encounter.

What size congregations does CCS serve?
CCS services the entire Presbyterian family. Churches both large and small have consulted with CCS for multiple campaigns.

Why should we hire “outsiders” to help us?
CCS is a non-profit mission entity of the General Assembly Mission Council of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The assistance of CCS comes from within the Presbyterian family. We bring experience and expertise to the campaign process so that your campaign can achieve full dollar potential.

How long does a campaign last?
Generally, it takes about three to six months from the time a church begins the active campaign process to the campaign conclusion and follow up. Each church member is asked to make a three-year pledge to the special campaign over and above what they give to the operating budget.

How much money can a congregation typically raise?
The results of a campaign can vary based on many factors. Typically, a church can raise two to three times what it receives for its annual operating budget, but churches sometimes raise more.

Should we include a mission cause in our campaign?
Yes, we strongly recommend that churches consider a mission component. Not only does it model good stewardship – concern for others as well as ourselves – but experience shows congregations respond positively to including a mission aspect.

Is visiting every member the only way to secure pledges?
While visiting every member is the most effective and productive process, it is not the only way. CCS consultants are trained in several techniques. Many campaigns are a hybrid of two or more methods.

Will having a capital campaign affect pledges to our operating budget?
CCS campaigns always emphasize that a member’s first priority is giving to the operating budget. Capital pledges must be over and above regular giving. In the first year of a campaign, operating budget giving typically remains static, but you may actually see increases in later years.

What time of year is best for a capital campaign?
CCS conducts successful campaigns every season of the year. The best time to begin a campaign is when all the essential preliminary work has been done, and the church and its leaders are ready to move forward.

How long in advance do we need to schedule our campaign with CCS?
Early discussion – even a year in advance of your proposed program – is recommended for the planning stage. The pre-campaign readiness period often takes three to six months. CCS should definitely be contacted by this time in order to build a solid foundation for a successful campaign.

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