Are All Church Members Equal?

When it comes to developing a successful church capital campaign, the answer is “No.” Think of your church congregation like a pyramid.

The bottom level of the pyramid is made up of the largest percentage of your members who will provide you with the majority of your smaller level donations, or about 10% of your overall campaign goal. However, these members should not be treated as irrelevant or unimportant to the vision. From this pyramid level, you may find some of the strongest advocates to your campaign. They are willing go above and beyond to help you reach your goals. They will also volunteer their time, serve on committees, and be loyal supporters of the cause.

Next, you have the mid-level members of the pyramid. These members are able to commit a larger donation to the campaign and provide another 25% of the total funds. They will also help you with different degrees of support – from volunteering, to serving on sub-committees, to spreading the word about the vision and benefits of the campaign.

At the top of the pyramid are your church leaders and those who provide the majority of your advanced or leadership gifts – typically $15,000 or greater. These gifts can help you achieve up to 65-70% of your campaign goal. Some of these members may only provide monetary support, while others will be highly involved in the planning and execution of the capital campaign.

You need to be extremely careful with this group. You may have hidden or unrecognized members in your congregation who are willing and able to contribute a substantial gift. In addition, these large donors need to be treated with respect and given personal attention. A church leader should meet with these individuals face-to-face to accept their gift and express the church’s appreciation.

For your capital campaign to be successful, you must reach out to and include every member in every pew. The campaign committee’s objective is to give everyone an equal opportunity to fund the campaign goal. While their contributions may differ, they are all important!

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