Are You Speaking the Language of Millennials?

I recently read a blog post on NPR that talked about how millennials’ giving habits are different than any another generation. They are reshaping charity and leading the way in online giving habits.

There are nearly 80 million millennials coming of age, and it’s going to become important to nonprofits to understand how they spend their money. Their spending habits are different than the habits of their parents.

Here a few tips to help you speak to millennials in your church fundraising efforts:

Be wary of making it an “obligation”
This younger generation does not have that sense of giving as an obligation that older generations might have. Rather than being motivated by believing it’s something they should do, millennials are looking for more of a connection when giving.

Ask them to invest in a cause
Millennials may be more motivated by investing in a cause. They want to feel their gift matters. They want to make an investment in order to make a change in the world, even if it’s only a small piece of it.

Keep technology in mind
The younger generation has grown up on technology. They will expect a smart digital platform. They want to be able to donate online and create a community to connect with others who have the same goals and ideals. Social media can help create a sense of community and provide information to donors.

Give them the details
Young donors are far more likely to demand accountability and transparency than older donors. They want details and want to understand how things work – why are you doing what you do, what are your monetary goals, and how do you plan to achieve your plans?

Millennials will spend and donate their money differently than any generation so far. They are changing the giving landscape, and we need to adjust how we speak to them.

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