Case Study: The Benefits of a Mission Component

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Church mission component buys ambulanceOne consistent theme of a successful capital campaign, whether your church is large or small, is excellent planning. You must take your church on a journey that begins with a tangible vision for the future and ends with reaching your goals.

Over 50% of our church campaigns include a significant external mission funding component. However, support for your mission will lag if you don’t identify who will directly benefit from your plan. You must elicit passion among your members.

An example of a well thought out plan occurred several years ago at a small church in Kentucky. This church added a $35,000 mission component – to buy an ambulance for a mission hospital in Africa. At the end of the campaign, the congregation was thrilled to see a photo of their new ambulance delivering a patient to the hospital emergency room.

A strong mission component will allow members to support a cause that’s near and dear to their hearts. It makes your fundraising efforts bigger than your church. And, it brings the vision of your capital campaign alive.

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