Case Study: Youth Ministry Inspires Capital Campaign Theme

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photoThe Bellmore Presbyterian Church on Long Island recognized a few years ago that it needed to address some issues with its building. There were roof problems, and the steeple was in need of replacement. As they surveyed the property, they realized that the manse required new siding, and there were updates and building repairs necessary in several places.

The church is active and involved in the community. Lots of local groups use the building, including Boy Scouts and 12-Step programs. It’s a popular spot for weddings because the sanctuary is very attractive, and the church has a large reception space.

The church campaign got off to a slow start. The estimated costs of completing the projects added up quickly. The church leaders were worried about whether they were capable of realizing their dreams.

CCS helped the church leadership set realistic goals and provided support for an organized campaign that fit their needs. We offered members the opportunity to participate in the planning and implementation of the campaign through small group gatherings. The mission component of the campaign was identified during this process.

Youth ministry has always been a priority for the congregation. Young members regularly participate in mission projects and attend Presbyterian Youth Triennium. The church is currently seeking a Youth Director. Bellmore wanted to commit extra funds to ensure that the new Youth Director would have the resources to grow an effective youth ministry.

With a challenging but realistic goal in mind, this youth focus was the spark that ignited the campaign. It’s a campaign about preserving and improving the historic church building, but also about passing that legacy to the church’s next generation. Their campaign theme became “Honoring Our Past – Building for our Future.”

Their CCS Consultant, Rev. Terry Epling, was invited to preach at the church’s two worship services on June 1st. The members will dedicate their pledges to the campaign on Pentecost. They expect work to begin on the new steeple by September.