Capital Campaign Case – Six Key Elements

There are four essential components in a successful capital campaign – the Case, Leadership, Prospects, and the Plan. Each one of these is critical to the success of the campaign. What is a Case for Support in a Capital Campaign? The Case is a written document that gives the rationale for the campaign. After reading […]

Inspiring Generosity, Thriving Stewardship

“Stewardship” is a church word frequently heard during fall pledge campaigns. Yet stewardship involves our whole lives. Every activity, every day, all year long. The annual pledge campaign is one tool to teach generosity. Congregations thrive spiritually and financially with a more holistic approach. “Help us with stewardship” This is the most frequent call I get from pastors […]

Mortgage Burning for Churches

Mortgage debt could be crippling your ministry. Imagine how much fun it would be to burn those mortgage papers! Then imagine how much relief your budget will have when “Debt Service” is no longer a line item and a monthly drain on finances. What a time for a party! Mortgage burning parties used to be […]

Answered: Top Ten Ways to Grow Givers’ Hearts

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz: 10. Know Your Numbers. Pearson’s Law states, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.” Here are some important numbers to know: average giving per worshiper, new givers, how many stopped giving (and why!), aggregate giving by age group. 9. Remember the […]

Generosity in July?

Pastor, I see you sitting in your study, wondering where your adherents have gone on vacation. And probably planning your own vacation as well. You’re contemplating next week’s worship service and sermon, realizing that attendance will be down, the offering will be down. How can you inspire generosity in July? Here are some tips to jumpstart […]

Claim Your Share of $12.5 Million Each Year!

One of my mantras with churches and organizations I work with is, “Diversify, diversify, diversify.” But what I really mean is this: “Stop relying on inefficient and unsustainable fundraising activities (events and grants) and invest more effort in long-term, sustainable and efficient revenue streams (especially major gifts and capital campaigns). Another revenue stream worth consideration […]

Six Things To Get WRONG in a Church Capital Campaign

Glenn and Barbara Holliman have an excellent little book well worth your time reading, With Generous Hearts. I was struck by their introduction, in which Glenn spells out everything he did wrong in a church capital campaign. We managed to do almost everything wrong in that campaign. A few of us made all the decisions […]