Coaching for Generosity is now Church Campaign Services

Church Campaign Services Steps Forward with New Ownership Rev. Michael Erwin to take the reins of CCS and its 70-year, $2 billion record of service. A pastor with experience in both the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the United Church of Christ has assumed ownership of Church Campaign Services. Rev. Michael Erwin is 1995 a graduate […]

Get Mobile!

Welcome back to Technology that Works Friday. So, by now I’ve completely convinced you to get yourself out on the web. Here’s an infographic that you need to burn into your memory for the next 12 months: Let me add this personal data I have collected. With over 300 email addresses on my list, 34.8% […]

Again on Social Media

Recently, I encouraged you to get out there in the social media universe. If you haven’t done it, do it now. I ran across this little gem this week: 11 Obvious Signs Your Nonprofit Needs Social Media Training. Great stuff. Here’s my take for those just getting started: Create a Facebook page. Some of you […]

Check your SMIQ right now!

Show of hands… how many of you checked your Facebook account at least once this week? How many have checked it once today? How many are checking it right now? Again… how many have seen a video on Youtube this week? Are you LinkedIn? How is your SMIQ (social media intelligence quotient) Your constituents are […]