Reviving the Future: Two Stories Demonstrating the Impact of Capital Campaigns

This month I’d like to tell you two stories of historic Presbyterian churches who faced the challenge of aging infrastructure head-on and embarked on their own transformative journeys. Sixth Presbyterian in Pittsburgh’s East End and McKinley Memorial near the University of Illinois both offer examples of deep faith, a commitment to meet community needs, and the […]

Biblical Principles for Financial Wisdom: A Guide for Pastors, Elders, and other Christians

Biblical wisdom on finance and faith for a fulfilling life Imagine, if you will, navigating your finances as if trekking through a vast, untamed wilderness—rich with potential yet fraught with obstacles. Picture in your hands an ancient, trusted guidebook, ready to lead you through this expanse. This guide is no ordinary one; it’s the Bible, offering […]

Rescuing the Annual Pledge Campaign from the Shackles of Thematic Tyranny!

From Themes to Vision: The Path of True Stewardship Rev. Michael Erwin Stewardship Catalyst, Transformational Consultant The Tyranny of the Theme I frequently receive calls from churches seeking help with their stewardship efforts. These conversations often begin with a familiar refrain: “Our church is struggling financially, and we heard that you assisted another church that experienced […]

Unleashing the Power of Fundraising for a Flourishing Church Community!

Capital campaigns are vital for church growth, yet they often remain puzzling for many faith-based communities. Today I’ll explain what they are and why they are crucial in fueling growth, expanding ministries, and fostering community connections.   What is a Capital Campaign? A capital campaign is a carefully planned fundraising effort that relies on God’s […]

Calming the Financial Storm: Church Financial Strategies for the Pandemic

If you are like most leaders, your concern about your church’s financial position falls on a spectrum from “concerned” to “panicked” to “freaking out.” By now you should have heard from your denominational leaders regarding help that you can access. I’m writing today to add our perspective to what you have already learned. Your first […]