2017 Church Campaign Services Newsletters

2017 Newsletters December – That’s a Wrap: 6 Carols for Year-End Stewardship November – Teach Your Children (Stewardship) Well October – Planned Gifts: A Phone Call Worth $250,000 September – Where Does the Money Come From? August – The Pledge Campaign is not about Money July – Thank-You Notes Will Inspire Faith and Generosity June – 5 Benefits of Capital Campaign […]

Planned Gifts: A Phone Call Worth $250,000

The first time the trust department of the local bank called me, I was totally unprepared.   According to the bank, the church would be receiving a bequest worth nearly $250,000. This planned gift was nearly double the entire annual budget of the church! We immediately agreed to meet in person to discuss the expected gift, […]

The Pledge Campaign is not about Money

The goal of the Annual Pledge Campaign is to grow generous givers. The Finance Committee of your church may disagree. But the Annual Pledge Campaign is not about money, and it’s not about the budget. Our mission proceeds from the Great Commission – to go out into the world, baptizing and teaching in the name […]

Where does the money come from?

Money. One of the major challenges that churches face is setting a sustainable funding strategy. When it comes to church finances, leaders often take a “seat of the pants” approach each fiscal year with small regard for tomorrow. Too, they may not understand the funding sources available to the church, or how those sources can […]

Does Your Church Facility Represent Your Vision and Values?

There is nothing glamorous or exciting about building improvements like roof repair or window replacement. That was the reality that a recent client faced. Built in the late 1950s, their building had become worn and dated. Each proposed improvement seemed minor and cosmetic. All together, though, the updates added up to a substantial sum. As […]

Automating the Image of God

By Michal Jarmoluk, in post Automating the Image of God

The image of God within us inspires us to be generous. “I want to give while I’m living, so I can see the good being done,” a retired schoolteacher once said. An active leader in her church, she had finalized plans for a large financial gift. I was an inexperienced pastor who learned a new […]

[Webinar] Choosing an Annual Pledge Campaign Format

Webinar - Choosing an Annual Campaign Format blog post image

Yesterday we wrapped up our webinar on Choosing an Annual Pledge Campaign Format. In case you missed it, or wanted to review the content again, here are some helpful links: Recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcHRBr2eIdE Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/mberwin/choosing-an-annual-pledge-campaign-format For help in determining the right format for your church this year, take this survey: Free Campaign Format Assessment To be […]