Celebrating New Beginnings with a Tinge of Sadness

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Photo of Rev. Ana Loyda-LugoAfter 27 years of service with PC(USA), and 20 years of that time spent working at building ministry and mission through raising capital funds, Rev. Ana Loyda-Lugo is moving beyond our denomination. Effective next month, Ana will begin a new chapter as she serves as a Regional Gift Planner for ELCA Foundation.

Ana has been that “good and faithful servant” we all aspire to be, serving congregations across the country. From whence the call came, Ana traveled. She is known from coast to coast and North to South. The last ten years, we’ve used Ana’s gifts with NCD’s particularly, but also her talent with technology. Ana literally rewrote the book on method and process for doing campaigns, and just this year developed the use of technology to successfully assist small churches by beta testing our Skype campaign support. Ana has been our “go to” person.

In her new position, Ana will not train and teach as much as “do.” She will be assisting good Christians in their support of work being done at the ELCA, a denomination in relationship with PC(USA) through a formula of agreement. The work of building mission and ministry knows no bounds across our denominations, and Ana will open a new chapter and build new relationships.

Ana just returned from a wonderful trip to Spain. If you know Ana, you will not be surprised by her sense of adventure, absorbing all the sights, sounds, smells, and relationships that Spain had to offer. A fitting celebration as she prepares to transition, but she’ll not be going far. Even now, we’ve talked about how she will continue to advocate for and support the many people and congregations she has come to know and love over the years at CCS and CFCS.

This, of course, will hopefully open new doors for CCS as well, as we now begin a search for some additional staff to fill this void. If you’re interested in talking about a position with CCS, please contact me at Robert.kukla@churchcampaignservices.org or call me direct at 888.558.6873.