Charitable Giving Hits High – Driven by Wealthy

I recently read an article on NBC News called, Charitable Giving Hits a Record High, Thanks to the Wealthy. According to an annual report from Giving USA Foundation and the Indiana University Lilly Family School, “Total giving by individuals, companies and foundations hit a record $335.17 billion last year, driven mainly by wealthy individuals.”

Giving declined to religion, foundations and international affairs, although religion still has the biggest share of total giving, with 31 percent of total giving in 2013. Education ranked second with 16 percent, followed by human services at 12 percent.

“While this has been a particularly slow recovery, many charities are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said L. Gregg Carlson, president of Henderson, Nevada-based Carlson Fund Raising and chair of Giving USA Foundation. “Donors are increasingly more comfortable giving to the causes they care about and at a level in keeping with the impact they would like to make.”

It’s up to religious organizations to create awareness of their fundraising initiatives among church members, as well as encourage excitement about the vision and mission of the campaign. Members will give if they feel their donations will make a difference to the overall goal.

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