Does Your Church Facility Represent Your Vision and Values?

There is nothing glamorous or exciting about building improvements like roof repair or window replacement.

Translating facility updates into mission-oriented benefits.

That was the reality that a recent client faced. Built in the late 1950s, their building had become worn and dated. Each proposed improvement seemed minor and cosmetic. All together, though, the updates added up to a substantial sum.

As you know, a successful capital campaign solves these types of problems. A good campaign will raise funding for facility improvements and stay true to the vision of the congregation. A compelling campaign will carry a message that speaks to your vision and values.

Drafty Windows, Dark Shades

In this case, the members weren’t willing to sit near the drafty windows. Shades were an inexpensive option. But they made the sanctuary dark and gloomy. This didn’t represent the vision of the church. They wanted to give members and guests a bright, welcoming place to worship. They wanted a sanctuary they could be proud of.

Updating the church facility represents vitality.

How would a capital campaign benefit the church’s ministry? How could it benefit current members, future members, and the community? The challenge was to identify and name the ways the remodeling efforts would help carry out their mission.

By replacing the windows and removing the shades, the sanctuary became bright and comfortable. The atmosphere of worship was enhanced. As a result, the light made the area as inviting in February as it was in May.

The truth is, your church’s physical presence is an icon for who you are as a community of faith. Does your facility represent your vision and values? Above all, updating the church represents vitality.

We, at Church Campaign Services, are specialists in helping churches maintain their facilities in a way that is aligned with serving and growing their congregation. A well-maintained church reflects the spirit and vibrancy of what’s really happening inside the church. It sends a message that the church respects the house of God, cares about its members, and wants to create a legacy.

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