Church – What Is Your Business?

How would you answer Peter Drucker’s question – What is your mission?

Within that question lies the answer to reaching your full potential as a pastor and as a congregation. Let’s call it “Mission Clarity.”

I had the privilege of meeting with the pastor and a long-time lay leader of a Methodist church recently. The lay leader spoke very passionately and clearly about their endowment program, which he had been instrumental in establishing 30 years ago. Very wisely, the church uses the proceeds from their endowment to fund “off-budget” ministries. Very forward-thinking.

He described the process. The pastor or a member develops a proposal for the endowment. The church board asks just one question: Does it fit our vision of Win, Disciple, Serve? If it does, and the money is available, then the funding follows.

I was so impressed – this lay leader knew very clearly the mission of his congregation. Win, Disciple, Serve.

Peter Drucker said a mission statement should fit on a t-shirt. He’s right. For a mission statement to infuse a people, it must be “sound-bite” memorable.

So, do you have mission clarity? What is your mission?