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From the first stages of considering a campaign to receiving the commitments of individuals, CCS is ready to assist you. Our mission is helping churches and agencies raise funds to turn dreams into reality.

Q. How long in advance do we need to plan for a campaign with CCS?

A. Early discussion — even a year in advance of your proposed program — will facilitate planning. If such advance planning is not possible for you, call the CCS office, and we will discuss your particular circumstances and help develop a campaign timetable.

Q. Our project will cost more than we can raise in our campaign. What should we do?

A. Many congregations undertake projects that cost more than can be raised in a single campaign. Many times a church undertakes one or two subsequent campaigns with any remaining balance then included in the operating budget.

Before any campaign proceeds, a financing plan should be developed that details how a project will be funded. This plan should be built on reasonable assumptions of anticipated campaign proceeds, the number of campaigns, construction and financing costs. Members will want to know in advance how a project will be funded and what continuing financial commitment will be expected of them.

Q. What does it cost to use CCS?

A. The campaign fee is determined by the extent of services provided and includes travel costs for the Consultant’s visits. An agreement of terms will be reached by CCS and the church before work begins.

Q. Are there additional campaign expenses?

A. Not included in the CCS fee for service are the costs of developing, producing and distributing printed and audiovisual materials for your program. You will also want to provide refreshments and food service at campaign events, which would be an additional cost to you. Your Consultant will help you estimate your campaign expenses.

Q. What is CCS’ success rate?

A. Churches have repeatedly turned to CCS for campaign help since 1950. Success is based on many factors. The vast majority of churches with whom CCS has worked reached their goal and increased their stewardship understanding.

Q. Can we receive a list of the churches that have utilized the services of CCS?

A. Yes you can. Please contact us to view a list of churches that CCS has partnered with over the last several years.

Q. Do you work with all denominations?

A. CCS empowers congregations of any denomination to better understand their current perception of financial stewardship. A biblically sound understanding of stewardship coupled with a time tested process of raising dollars allows any church using CCS the opportunity to fund its mission and ministry.

Q. Can CCS advise us in our preparation for a campaign?

A. CCS Consultants will respond gladly to your questions and concerns as you plan for a campaign. Click here for contact information.

Q. Does CCS work with congregations of all sizes?

A. Yes, and our best recommendation is that many churches both very large and very small have used CCS for multiple campaigns.

Q. How much money can a congregation typically raise in a three-year capital campaign?

A. A church’s results depend upon the present level of giving, the type of project proposed and the degree of congregational ownership and enthusiasm for the project. Typically, a church can raise two to three times what it receives in its annual operating budget campaign, but is not confined to those parameters.

Q. If we are not sure about whether we should have a campaign, can CCS help to resolve questions?

A. Yes, in some cases a feasibility study or stewardship assessment by CCS is a necessary step to obtain crucial information on which to base a decision to have a campaign or to set an objective.