Getting the Right People on the Bus

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How to create capital campaign committeesYou’ve conducted a feasibility study, and your leadership has decided to move forward with a capital campaign. The next step is to get the right people on your bus and put together your campaign committees.

You will need multiple committees to successfully run your campaign. Your campaign chairperson will be the chief advocate of the campaign. This person should preferably be in place when the campaign consultant is selected and should have a voice in the decision-making process, as well as being actively involved moving forward. In addition, the chairperson should be comfortable acting as the “point person” and asking for contributions from your congregation and the community.

The pastor is also a key member when planning your campaign. Your pastor’s role is to provide spiritual direction and build enthusiasm about the opportunities the campaign will create for the church.

Next, your leaders and the chairperson will begin recruiting the chairs for the campaign sub-committees. These chairs will make up the campaign’s planning committee. You will find your chairs among the most powerful and respected members of your church.

These sub-committees may include:

  • Leadership Gifts Committee
  • Congregational Committee
  • Hospitality Committee
  • Communications Committee
  • Support Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Follow-up or Fulfillment Committee

Please note that this is simply a suggested list of standard committees used by churches. You may choose to implement all or only a few of these committees. Depending on the size of your congregation and the staff available for your church, these committees can be modified to fit your needs.

Now, it’s time to gather volunteers. It’s up to the sub-committee chairs to select the other members to serve on their committees. These volunteers can be one of the most significant factors in the success of your campaign. The number and quality of volunteers you recruit matter to your campaign. In addition, you want volunteers with the highest level of commitment and drive to succeed. While strong, visionary leaders are the backbone of your campaign, the volunteers are the hands, eyes, ears, and heart of your fundraising efforts.

The volunteers will staff your sub-committees and are willing to give of their time and make a financial commitment to the campaign. Volunteers can be highly effective at asking for gifts as well, because they have direct experience with making the commitment themselves. Volunteers can also be great motivators – they are excited about the cause and can build excitement in others.

For more information about getting the right people on your capital campaign bus and creating your committees, please email or call Church Campaign Services at 888.558.6873.