Why Write Thank You Notes?

I’ll be honest – I didn’t get the point of Thank You notes when I was growing up.

Every Christmas morning, when I rushed to see the contents of my stocking, way down below all the fruit and candy and cool little gadgets Santa had brought, that last little item in the stocking, what could it be?

A package of thank you notes? Um, thanks Santa?

My mother was a stickler for thank you notes. We had to write notes to all our relatives who had sent Christmas gifts – before Christmas Day was over!

Fast forward some years… I remember vividly the donation I sent. In fact, during lunch with the Executive Director I pulled out my checkbook (remember those things?), wrote a check, and handed to him on the spot. And never received a thank you letter or note.

Or the donation sent by mail to another agency. No response. Months later I called them to request a donation receipt for tax purposes.

Or the support I give in the offering plate at church. There I do get a written response – a quarterly statement that looks like an invoice, and invariably says “You are in arrears on your pledge.”

Send a thank you note. It’s worth it – let me rephrase that – IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Let your donor know their support is appreciated. Tell them the good that their investment will make in someone else’s life. Convince your donor that she’s a hero!