How to Communicate Your Capital Campaign Plan

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To create a tangible and actionable capital campaign plan, you need to get people’s attention. Your communications must be lively and fun, as well as thoughtful. Once you have their attention, you can communicate the congregational needs, the impact of a successful program, and the financial goals.

You must deliver content, giving people all the information they need. You want to involve and inform the congregation so that they will be solidly behind the campaign and eager to make a pledge.

Create a theme and logo
A campaign theme and logo often tie together the various elements of the campaign and help create a more tangible image for the campaign. Brainstorm themes and logos and choose your best ideas to share with the campaign leaders. You can incorporate the theme and logo into all of your communications materials to help keep the campaign vision and message top of mind.

Provide written materials
Different formats appeal to different people. While some people are more visual, others like to be able read information and understand the details to make it more real. You can create brochures, fact sheets, and more resources to communicate with church members. A brochure outlines the campaign message and mission, explains the stewardship needs, and financial goals. Fact sheets provide answers to commonly asked questions. These materials can be referred to throughout the campaign.

Use church newsletters
Church newsletters can be used to emphasize different aspects of the campaign. Articles can highlight the Congregational Fellowship Event, what a successful campaign will accomplish, how the church’s mission and ministry will be enhanced, the training sessions for the stewards, the percent of income goal, the names of team members, a schedule with the dates for special events, and more.

Leverage social media
Today, many church members utilize the Internet, email, and social media as part of their primary information sources. Campaign communications should utilize these venues for effective communication. The church’s webpage can include a page dedicated to the capital campaign. Utilize email blasts, texting, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to enhance and expand your communication’s reach.

Express commitment
Now you’ve told your members everything they need to know about the capital campaign. But, there’s one more important aspect to communicating the plan. The pastor and church leaders must personally endorse the plan and express their commitment to the campaign. Commitment is the point of all your communications efforts.

Find ways to engage your church members through your campaign communications. It’s an opportunity to draw your members into the campaign and share your vision.

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