How to Create a Culture of Generosity

Many churches are struggling with the concepts of stewardship and generosity. How do your church members view giving? Do they see it as an opportunity to give abundantly, or do they feel they need to sacrifice to make a difference? You can teach your members to find the joy in giving and living generously.

Here are 4 ways to encourage a culture of generosity in your church:

Preach generosity
When you preach generosity, you provide the knowledge to empower your members to live a generous life. Stewardship asks followers of Christ to demonstrate the abundance of giving. You can create a culture of generosity when you preach and teach the missions of generosity and stewardship.

Lead by example
Generous churches are led by generous pastors who model stewardship through transparency and openness. Church leaders also influence giving levels by example. High-capacity givers can set the bar for others to give. Leaders also need to provide specific, measurable data on giving so that church members know their gifts matter.

Celebrate it
Generosity doesn’t happen on its own. It must be a thread that runs through the whole church. It is shared with every member in every pew. One of the greatest motivations is to join others in serving a cause. Celebrate the good things that happen in the lives of others because your members gave.

Give thanks
Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Let members know that their generosity matters. Living a more generous life matters. Thank your congregation again and again for everything they do.

What are you doing to cultivate a culture of generosity in your church? To learn more about how you can help strengthen your members’ generosity, please contact Church Campaign Services by email or call us at 888.558.6873 today.