How to Create a Sense of Campaign Ownership

You’ve conducted a feasibility study. The pastor and key leaders are in agreement that it’s time to move forward. Now you just need to get everyone else on board.

How do you transfer the ownership of your church capital campaign to those who will be asked to fund it?

There is a big difference between approval and support. Agreeing with the decision to move forward and then supporting that decision with major gifts are two different things.

Ownership of a campaign must trickle down through the entire congregation. That means it must pass down from the campaign leaders, committee chairs, and committee members to the volunteers and donors.

People will only support what they believe in. They need to feel as if the idea is their own. Here are a few ways to build campaign ownership, and in turn, increase campaign giving:

Create a clear message
By writing a compelling Case for Support, you can help everyone understand the vision and mission for your campaign. People give from their hearts. If church members feel an emotional connection to the goals of the campaign, they will give their support.

Have specific jobs
It’s easier for church members to get behind a campaign if they can “own” their part in the process. Giving members a specific job will help them feel more involved in the overall process and its success.

Use the gifts of your members
We wrote a blog about utilizing the gifts of your congregation. Your members have a unique mix of strengths. As you plan and execute your church’s capital campaign, you can use these individual gifts to help you achieve your best results. In addition, people like to feel they have something special to offer.

Feel important and valued
Everyone wants to feel that his or her contribution matters. Whether it’s a monetary gift, or volunteering time or special skills, each member is valuable to the campaign process.

Ask for the donation
While your entire congregation knows you expect them to support the campaign, members still want to be asked. Identify those who will make leadership gifts and take the time to meet with them personally and ask for their support. You can also hold Small Group Gathers and Celebration Sundays to inspire support and a sense of community among members. It’s important that you ask for support rather than assume it will be given.

Thank your members
Be sure to let your members know how much you appreciate their hard work and support. Make it clear that everyone who played a part in the campaign contributed to its success.

By including your congregation in the campaign preparation and execution, they will be able take ownership of the campaign and gladly give their support.

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