How to inspire support for your church campaign

Inspired to support capital campaignAs you plan your capital campaign, it can be easy to get caught up thinking in terms of what your church “needs.” Maybe you “need” a new roof or to add on more space. You may “need” to pay down your outstanding debt.

Your members and supporters aren’t interested in what your church needs. They care about the benefits. How will it help the church, its members, and the community as a whole?

The benefits of your church’s capital campaign can vary based on the reason you are raising funds. Here are 3 common campaign goals, and how you can inspire giving by focusing on the benefits of each:

1. Debt Retirement

You may want to raise funds to pay off existing debt. Debt is an opportunity cost. The reason to eliminate debt is so that your church has the opportunity to do other things. For instance, you may want to build on a youth center or remodel portions of your current facilities. Your debt can be holding you back from accomplishing these projects.

Your senior generation will want to avoid interest and live within a budget. They will be inspired to support debt consolidation because they see it as a financially sound decision. The younger generation is less concerned about carrying debt and sees it as the price you pay to have what you want. Your younger members may be inspired to reduce debt if they know they can create opportunities for new ministry and programs once the debt is reduced or eliminated.

2. Remodeling and Renovation

You may have a need to update or renovate a portion of the church. The senior generation can be inspired to consider their generation’s legacy. They inherited the facility from the prior generation. Will they be able to leave the church in as fine a condition as when they joined? The younger generation will be inspired by the strength of the programs and the interests the facility serves. For them, it’s not about “bricks and mortar” but about the programs and ministry enabled by the facility.

3. New construction

Both generations can be motivated by the ministry a new facility will create. A new building provides the opportunity to grow the church membership through expanded programs and services it can offer.

You can also add a mission component to any of the above projects. Mission opportunities can inspire and drive significant support for your capital campaign as well.

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