Inspire Your Members in their Annual Giving Statement

It’s mid-January in our churches. The hub-bub of activity surrounding the holidays has long past, the excitement of Easter is still a couple of months away. Only one thing is on our minds right now.

Annual Giving Statements.

Most of the church giving statements I’ve ever seen look like an invoice or a bill. I wonder why?

This year, take a different approach. Instead of sending only a giving statement, include a thank-you letter. Recount in your letter some of the major accomplishments that the church has made in the past year. This may be your one chance to thank your financial supporters specifically for their financial support of the church’s ministry.

The letter should come from the pastor. And then behind the letter, include the giving statement.

Writing a thank-you letter gives you one more opportunity to highlight your mission and vision as a congregation, and transforms an obligatory year-end statement into a powerful encouragement for continued (and increased!) generosity in the coming year.

Here is a sample, to be sent on church letterhead:


John Baptist
25 Matthew St.
Bethlehem, PA 18015

Dear John,

We thank God for you! Your gifts to st. Benevolent Church throughout 2014 are gratefully acknowledged.

Because of your contributions, St. Benevolent has been able to: [state the mission of the congregation, as well as some specific examples of what was accomplished in 2014].

An itemized statement of your contributions is included in this letter. Please be in touch with the financial secretary [include contact information] if you believe this information is inaccurate.

For income tax purposes, it is important for us to state that you did not receive any goods or services in return for these contributions other than intangible religious benefits.

Thank you for your generous commitment to the work of Jesus Christ through St. Benevolent Church.

In continued faith,

Rev. Michael Erwin