Mortgage Burning for Churches

Mortgage debt could be crippling your ministry.

Imagine how much fun it would be to burn those mortgage papers! Then imagine how much relief your budget will have when “Debt Service” is no longer a line item and a monthly drain on finances.

What a time for a party!

Mortgage burning parties used to be the rage for homeowners in the 20th century. They’ve since fallen out of favor – it’s a pretty rare event, and no longer seen as a rite of passage for families. Too, it could be a form of bragging about one’s secure financial footing.

For churches, however, let the party begin! Paying off a mortgage can be a truly satisfying experience for church members who love their church and the ministry it provides. The monthly routine of seeing money go to the bank instead of ministry gets old. When the mortgage is satisfied, that money is redirected toward ministries. That’s always more fulfilling and exciting!

FYI… just a random search, and I found some decorating ideas for a mortgage burning party on Pinterest.

Here are some churches that have celebrated a fully paid-off mortgage.

Effort United Methodist Church in Tennessee paid off their mortgage with a “Generous and Grateful Hearts” campaign. “As the papers burned, the flames were a reminder of the warmth of worship and ministry yet to come: to everything there is a season.”

Zion Lutheran Church in Silver Hill, AL, obtained a mortgage to build a fellowship hall. In just six years, they were able to retire their debt.

If you’re looking for a worship service when the time comes to burn your mortgage, the United Methodists have some resources for you.

Retiring debt through a capital campaign can give your church a financial boost. Following a solid, theologically sound process can give your church a spiritual boost, too!

Are you ready for a capital campaign? Use this questionnaire to find out.