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2017 Newsletters

May – Feasibility Studies and Revenue Streams
March – Does Your Church Facility Represent Your Vision and Values?
February – Electronic Giving: Three Fundamentals for Churches
January – New Year: Ask Your Church This One Simple Question

2016 Newsletters

December – Where there is a will, there is a way
November – A Season of Change and Growth
September – 5 Fatal Capital Campaign Flaws Congregations Make
July – Is your church capital campaign lacking vision?
May – What’s the biggest challenge to your capital campaign?
April – Where does the money come from?
March – Choosing the Right “Stewardship” Campaign Coach
February – Are You Prepared For A Church Stewardship Campaign?
January – When Should You Ask for Church Campaign Leadership Gifts?

2015 Newsletters

November – 8 Giving Trends: Influenced by Major Donors
August – How Much Money Can A Church Capital Campaign Raise?
July – Does Your Cup Runneth Over
June – 5 Capital Campaign Errors Churches Make…
May – How to Get Your Church Campaign to GO!
March – Corporate vs. Church – What’s the difference?
February – What is the Pastor’s Role in Stewardship?
January – Turning your campaign vision into a viable plan

2014 Newsletters

December – Tailoring your campaigns to every generation
November – How do you inspire cautious donors?
October – What do people want to know before they give?
September – Third Campaign Pillar: Owning the Plan
August – Second Campaign Pillar: Two Financial Questions…
July – Three Pillars of a Successful Capital Campaign
June – CCS serves churches across the nation
May – How to make giving more convenient
April – Using social media in church campaigns
March – Confident consumers = more giving donors
January – To a Happy New Year – and New Beginnings

2013 Newsletters

November – The Power of the Pastor
October – 7 ways to use a Case for Support
September – How to choose the right capital campaign consultant
August – Is your campaign tied to the community?
July – Join Church Campaign Services on Facebook
June – How to secure capital campaign gifts
May – How do you make retirement debt exciting?
April – Are you ready for a capital campaign?
March – Who is leading your church’s capital campaign?
February – What is your church’s vision?
January – Are you creating opportunity from adversity?

2012 Newsletters

December – What’s new at Church Campaign Services?