NextGen Donors, pt. 5 – Plan now for tomorrow

Does that mouse have a wire on it?

A Google search on the phrase “survival mentality” yields interesting results. Having this tool in your toolbox is a good thing when crisis strikes.

But what if everyday in your organization feels like an episode of a reality TV show? Living in a chronic state of survival mentality will limit the impact you can have to change lives.

Today’s urgent and immediate concerns need your attention. But if you don’t start today to build an excellent internal infrastructure, you won’t survive to address tomorrow’s concerns.

Inadequate support systems, under-compensated staff, and yesterday’s technology (who hasn’t been offered a five-year old computer?) will not put you in a position to accomplish your dreams.

You can do this – you have investors (ie., donors) who get your mission very deeply, and who can provide the capacity capital necessary to prepare for the next level.

Next week, wrapping up my thoughts on the NextGen Donors report.