Other Church Agencies

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We offer national financial management services to ministry agencies beyond the local church. Contact us for more information about any of these programs.

Feasibility Study

CCS offers financial management to congregations to determine their readiness to support camp improvements, new church development, or other mission related projects.

Your agency may require funds beyond those available through annual mission giving. Therefore, a major capital funding campaign may provide the resources to move your agency’s mission vision from plan to reality. Preparing for a financial campaign at the agency level requires an intensive process of articulating the vision, determining and prioritizing specific mission goals and assessing the agency’s readiness to proceed with a campaign strategy. CCS can provide the church financial management to obtain your congregation’s financial goals.

An agency tends to be diverse and often disconnected. Validating the answers to the basic questions to prepare for a financial campaign takes hard data. A feasibility study is a tool used to gather and analyze information about the agency and its churches. The results of a feasibility study will provide the foundation for designing a capital campaign that will capture the interest and support of pastors and church members.

iStock_000020365939XLargeStewardship Assessments

CCS helps agencies build a more generous constituency by assessing their supporting congregations and donors and coaching staff with the key elements of successful annual fund campaigns.

Agency Stewardship Program

The Agency Stewardship Program (ASP) provides practical training in effective financial stewardship to a cluster of congregations within an agency. The ASP translates the principles used by CCS in conducting major fund-raising campaigns with congregations into a practical year long strategy for significantly increasing the church’s operating budget pledges. The agency targets particular congregations who could benefit from such a program and invites their involvement.

Agency Assessment Workshop

CCS partners with agencies, through a one day workshop, to bring a greater understanding of stewardship to local congregations. Each targeted participating church will complete a stewardship assessment and as a result of that assessment develop an immediate plan for improving their ability to approach their members for financial commitments. The evaluated assessments will also help churches implement an ongoing year round strategy to increase the overall generosity of their membership.

Funding the Capital CampaigniStock_000004645907Large

CCS supports faith-based agencies such as middle governing bodies around the country in planning, organizing, and conducting capital campaigns to support local and national initiatives.

From the early stages of assessing the level of support for the campaign to receiving the commitments of individuals and congregations, CCS can offer professional fund-raising counsel.

Agencies must plan carefully to focus their constituencies on the need to raise dollars to support worthy projects. These projects often can only be funded with the combined efforts of all churches and key individuals that make up the agency.

Once again, clearly articulating the appropriate projects(s) and challenging the financial potential of congregations and individuals to provide the funding requires an intentional planning process by church and agency leaders. Devising and helping to implement a campaign plan and time table that leads to the successful attainment of campaign goals is the type of service CCS brings to agency campaigns. CCS counsel will significantly improve the ability of the agency as a whole in their fundraising efforts needed to enhance its mission and ministry.