Should Nonprofit Leaders Share Financial Information With Donors?

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Dollar Signs Nonprofits Share Financial HealthA colleague sent me an article called“Nonprofits and Those Who Support Them Should Talk Openly About Finances.” About 6,000 nonprofits responded to the Nonprofit Finance Fund’s survey asking how comfortable they are discussing their financial health.

According to the article, without space for candid discussions about finance, we miss an opportunity to structure funding in ways that support organizational health and resiliency, and therefore efforts to advance mission over the long term.

It’s no surprise that program expansion comes out on the top of the discussion about sharing financial strategies. Funding for programs offers the straightest line between money and mission.

The article went on to explain two ways that nonprofit leaders can benefit from sharing financial information with donors. We also apply them to church capital campaigns.

First, use numbers to support your campaign vision.
You can use financial information to make the vision for your church’s capital campaign a reality. No one knows the data better than you, so connect the dots by providing context for the numbers.

Second, get to know your audience.
By talking about the financial goals and reasons behind your capital campaign, you can also gain a better understanding of what motivates your church members to support your cause.

Conducting a successful church campaign is a two-way street between the church and its leadership and the campaign supporters.

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