Share Your Values in Your Annual Giving Statements

Everything you send to your church members communicates the core values of your church. That includes your Annual Giving Statements. Share your values with a few simple tweaks to your statements this year. You can touch your donors’ hearts and encourage deeper generosity by following these guidelines: 1. Include a cover letter on top of […]

The Best Quarterly Giving Statement You Can Borrow

Today I’m giving you a letter that will transform the quarterly giving statements in your church. Outside the church, fundraisers know it’s all about the donor. If you appeal to the needs of the donor, rather than the needs of the organization, you’ll inspire more generous gifts. Alaska did a great test of this recently. Could […]

Upgrade your Quarterly Statements

It’s that time of year again! No, not tax time. Churches are preparing to send out quarterly giving statements to their donors. Last week I made a compelling case for saying “Thank You” to your financial supporters. Today I show you one easy way to do it. Put a Thank You note in every giving statement […]