The Best Quarterly Giving Statement You Can Borrow

Today I’m giving you a letter that will transform the quarterly giving statements in your church.

Outside the church, fundraisers know it’s all about the donor. If you appeal to the needs of the donor, rather than the needs of the organization, you’ll inspire more generous gifts. Alaska did a great test of this recently.

Could that work in a church setting? Absolutely! Here’s how.

As October rolls around, you may be preparing quarterly giving statements for your supporters. (If you aren’t, start now!) This time, include a short cover letter. Feel free to copy, edit, and use this example:

Dear Name,

When you need a place to reconnect with God, where do you turn?

You come to First Church. Why?

Because you know that you will hear the good news of the gospel during Sunday worship.

And you also know your friends and pastor will be thrilled to see you again and catch up on your week.

Your tithes and offerings have helped make First Church a place of welcome for all people who are seeking to reconnect with God. As your pastor, I am so grateful to you for supporting our congregation’s vision to Win, Disciple, and Serve.

You are helping the next generation of Christian disciples – by ensuring the Wednesday Evening Youth Program has staff, volunteers, and resources needed to nurture our young people in the Christian faith.

With your generous gifts, you are ensuring that our homebound and nursing home residents can receive communion from our pastoral staff, and that our church can be there for families facing tragedy.

Your financial support is extremely important because it offers immediate resources to ministries like Church World Service, that responds to hurricanes, earthquakes, and disasters all around the world every day of the year.

Most importantly, your tithes and offerings are your expression of gratitude and thanksgiving to the God your worship, who provides for your every need, even before you ask.

Thank you so much for your help.

In God’s eternal love, your pastor,

Rev. Juanita Stewart

If you’d like help crafting your own “donor-centered” quarterly thank you letter, send me a message.

Pastors that include letters like this in their giving statements usually get feedback, such as, “that was such a warm letter,” and, “I never thought about how my gifts help so many people.”

Please borrow this letter, copy and paste it, and change the words to match your church’s mission and what your members care most about. You’ll be glad you did.