To a Happy New Year – And New Beginnings

strategic planning church capital campaignA new year can be a time for new beginnings. It’s often the time when churches start thinking about executing a capital campaign. One of your first tasks as you begin the strategic planning process may be selecting a campaign consultant to assist and guide you.

Why should you consider Church Campaign Services?

Here are the core values that CCS brings to each church it serves:

Abundance – We believe there is not just enough of every resource, but there is more than enough. Rather than focus on messages of scarcity and sacrifice, we embrace the rewards and joy of generosity. We are Blessed to be a Blessing!

Opportunity – We believe in giving every member in every pew the opportunity to give in a generous manner. We want them to experience the satisfaction that comes from building a more vital ministry.

Challenge – We believe in setting goals that challenge our members to respond beyond their own expectations and to grow in faith and commitment.

Leadership – We believe we are facilitative campaign leaders, bringing fundraising best practices to the project and teaching good stewardship. We also guide the church’s leadership and pass on the ownership of the collective goals of the congregation to each and every member.

This blog is also a great resource to help you get to know Church Campaign Services. For instance, you can learn more about when you should call CCS and why you may want tochoose us to help you with your campaign.

You can also browse our News Archives to review past issues of our 2013 e-newsletters. These newsletters provide helpful tips and resources to guide you as you plan your capital campaign.

To learn more about how Church Campaign Services can fund major change in the life of your congregation, please call us at 888.558.6873 or email us today.