Claim Your Share of $12.5 Million Each Year!

One of my mantras with churches and organizations I work with is, “Diversify, diversify, diversify.” But what I really mean is this: “Stop relying on inefficient and unsustainable fundraising activities (events and grants) and invest more effort in long-term, sustainable and efficient revenue streams (especially major gifts and capital campaigns).

Another revenue stream worth consideration is planned and legacy giving. And here’s why: the intergenerational transfer of wealth continues year after year.

Here’s a mind-blowing activity. Stop what you are doing and Google your state’s Transfer of Wealth study. Here’s the most recent study for Indiana. Most states have a similar study. Take a look at this chart:


In my home Region 11, Evansville, an estimated $5.05 billion will transfer from one generation to the next between 2010 and 2020. Let’s do some math: that’s $595 million each year. Imagine that 5% of that wealth transferred to charitable causes: that’s nearly $30 million invested in social causes each year for the next ten years in our 9-county region.

I want to break that down even further: since Vanderburgh County where I live represents 42% of the population of the entire area, I see $12.5 million invested in social causes EVERY YEAR in our county!

At this point, you should be asking – are we in this game or not?