Two Methods for Securing Campaign Gifts

You have selected your capital campaign leaders and committees, written your Case for Support, and now you’re ready to start taking pledges and gifts. What’s the best way to approach the members of your congregation?

Method 1 – Every Member Visitation
With this method, you make personal contact with each member of your congregation at home, or even at work. Volunteers are recruited and trained to make these personal visits.

Strengths: Face-to-face interaction, builds relationships, typically raises more funds, and there is less need for follow-up. Limitations: Recruiting and properly training enough volunteers.

Method 2 – Small Group Gatherings
This method relies on members attending a gathering in another member’s home. These meetings can also take place at the church if it is more conveniently located. Volunteers are trained and lead the gatherings.

Strengths: Group discussion among members, stronger fellowship, and fewer volunteers are needed. Limitations: More coordination and planning, reaches only members who attend, and more follow-up.

Both methods use mailings, phone calls, emails, and presentations to reach members. Most campaigns today are a hybrid of both methods and incorporate elements of each other. Which method is best for your congregation?

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