U.S. Donors Are Old – Here’s What To Do About It

It’s Freebie Friday! And today we’re discussing the age of your donor and how that might impact your communicate style.

What is the median age of your donor base?

Several years ago I did work for a congregation that included a demographic study. The most stunning statistic for them was this: while the community around them had a median age of about 34 years old, the church’s median age was 63.

Many pastors are reading this and are now thinking, “Tell me something I don’t know, Michael. I’m the youngest person in my congregation.”

If you haven’t met Tom Ahern through his blog or books yet, you need to. Another must-read individual. His latest book, Making Money with Donor Newsletters, will transform your communications thinking. Read it.

But first, read his blog post on the age of your donors: U.S. Donors Are Old – Here’s What To Do About It