Upgrade your Quarterly Statements

It’s that time of year again! No, not tax time. Churches are preparing to send out quarterly giving statements to their donors.

Last week I made a compelling case for saying “Thank You” to your financial supporters. Today I show you one easy way to do it.

Put a Thank You note in every giving statement envelope.

It only takes a few easy steps:

  1. Write a letter from the pastor that says Thank You! Here’s an example. Be absolutely sure to include one passionate story about the ministry of the church. Be sure to say Thank You profusely, because the giving statement might show them “behind” on their giving. They need reassurance that their support matters.
  2. Include an insert about all the different ways people can give to your church: website, EFT, offering plate, stock transfers, planned giving and bequests.
  3. Include a separate invitation for supporters to make an additional designated gift to support an item (choose one) in your operating budget.
  4. Send a personalized letter to non-donors asking them to consider a special one-time gift to support a designated item (again, choose one) in your operating budget. Make it appealing! By the way, if a non-donor responds to your request, you ABSOLUTELY MUST follow-up IMMEDIATELY with a personal thank you note from the pastor. That means on Monday morning the note goes in the mail, so that it arrives in their mailbox on Tuesday.

Remember that stewardship and generosity are not limited to the fall financial pledge campaign. They are a year-long path for spiritual growth. Now is the time to help your members discover the joy of generosity. Don’t wait until October – by then it’s too late.