WANTED: Full-Time Stewardship Pastor

Wouldn’t that be nice? Most churches I know work hard enough to pay the ministers they already have, adding another is beyond their dreams.

But I did run across this ad earlier this week:

Job Description for the Pastor of Stewardship
Updated January 1, 2016

Reports to: Pastor of Church Involvement. Would also work closely with the Senior Pastor, especially with building relationships with key Donors. Also works with the Staff Leadership Team to develop a church-wide strategy for teaching and shepherding the congregation to be biblical stewards.

Role: Stewardship Champion. To be the overall champion for the church in shepherding the congregation to be Biblical stewards. Help them to better understand that all they have is God’s and they are stewards over that. To help them experience God’s call to give back a portion of their time talent & treasure to be used to further this local Church’s mission.

Reading the full description, you will find important tasks that, in other churches, often go neglected. If a church doesn’t teach generosity and stewardship, it stands a good chance of declining.

But, what do to? You can’t afford a position like this, but you realize how important the role is.

That’s where I come in. Consider me an “adjunct” pastor of stewardship for your congregation. Talk with the churches I’ve helped in the past, and you’ll see how their stewardship program improved. Pledges went up, offerings went up, endowment giving went up. All because church members began to connect the dots between faithful living and faithful giving.

Contact me for more information.

Image: The Kirche am Hohenzollernplatz (Church at Hohenzollernplatz) is considered one of the prime examples of Brick Expressionism. See more photos here.