What are your donors’ primary financial concerns?

When a major gift is asked for, something above and beyond a member’s annual support, that gift will come from accumulated assets that are typically set aside for children’s college and retirement. It is a sacrificial gift. As one donor said to me, “Every time I make a large gift, I wonder if I’ve put my retirement at risk.”

What are your member’s concerned about (at least, on a financial level)?

  1. Losing their wealth (e.g., market downturns)
  2. Living too long (for the money they have saved)
  3. Running out of income (and therefore, drawing down assets)
  4. Rising medical costs
  5. Increased taxes on assets

How can we speak to these concerns? How can philanthropy help?

This is an open-ended question, folks…

Donor Development Challenge for this week — ask a top supporter to share what they see in their financial future.