What Are Your Most Important Habits?

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 10.24.15 AMI recently read an article in The Presbyterian Outlook called, “Three Habits of Highly Effective Pastors,” by Becca Messman. Becca is the associate pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Herndon, Virginia.

I was most moved by Becca’s comment that “ministry is about making a meaningful difference in the lives of people and being faithful to the God we serve.”

She talks about three ways effective pastors do this: remembering names, silencing their devices, and not waiting to be asked. These are habits we can use not only in our church lives, but in our everyday lives as well.

Everyone wants to be remembered. Especially in a church community, it means so much to know that the pastor and church leaders recognize you and know you by name. Take the time to get to know the people you meet. It can make someone’s day to have you call them by name and ask how they’re doing.

Technology is taking over our lives. Even though churches are often behind the curve in adopting new technology, most of us are connected to our smartphones or tablets. We jump to check our devices every time they make an alert sound. If you’re in a meeting or having a conversation, give those people your absolute attention. You can check your device later. Remember the days before mobile phones and voice mails? You answered the phone if you happened to be there, and otherwise the person just called you back later.

It’s easy to become reactive rather than proactive. Spend a few minutes thinking about what you can do to take the initiative in your church or in your daily life. Do you have new ideas to expand your church’s mission or ministry? Is there something you could be doing to support your community? Take the first step and get started!

What are your most important habits? What would you like to do better?