Why Millennials Spend and Donate Differently Than Any Generation

I recently read an article in theHuffington Post called, “Why Millennials Don’t Put Money In The Church Offering Plate.” The article was written by Henry G. Brinton,Senior Pastor of Fairfax Presbyterian Church.

At Church Campaign Services, we have written about the importance of “Speaking the Language of Millennials.”

Millennials spend and donate their money differently than any other generation so far. It’s important to adopt Millennial-sensitive approaches to fundraising, while not alienating Baby Boomers and older generations.

According to the Huffington Post article, here are three ways millennials approach giving at church in their own way:

Millennials demand electronic giving options
This younger generation is more likely to give online through a church’s website or set up the ability to make automatic payments.

Millennials don’t carry much cash
Older generations consider the passing of the offering plate to be an act of worship. Millennials don’t carry much cash, and many have moved away entirely from writing checks. They would rather pay bills online and want their congregations to allow the use of debit cards, credit cards, and online giving.

Millennials want quality and authenticity in their churches
This generation of consumers is not very interested in brand names, and in a similar manner, they will not support a church simply because it is part of an established denomination. Younger adults will give because of the quality of music and preaching, hands-on mission projects, and a congregational vision that aligns with their beliefs.

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