6 Ways Your Congregation Can Be More Generous

I came across an incredibly important document recently: Year-Round Congregational Stewardship: Six Best Practices

My first reaction was this – if you follow that list, you will see an increased generosity among the constituents in your congregation.

Here they are:

  1. Operational Management – Sound Fundraising Methodology
  2. Stewardship Integration in Worship – “Stewardship Every Sunday”
  3. Stewardship Formation – Create a Culture of Gratitude and Generosity
  4. Stewardship Leadership – Leadership Development and Support
  5. Spiritual-Nurture Opportunities
  6. Engagement on Social Justice Concerns

What I like about this paper (you can tell something about me when I say this!) – they back up their best practices with numbers.

  • “Congregations that offer personal-finance training experiences 25% higher per capita giving…”
  • “Churches with clergy and lay members involved in wider church roles… experienced per capita giving around 50% higher than most United Churches.”
  • “Per capita giving in all United Churches with five or more social justice commitments (in addition to financial) was 18% higher than in most United Churches.”

Those are numbers I can feelHow about you?

We’ll unpack these more in the next several weeks.