Your Congregation’s Next Mega-Gift

Let’s talk about mission.

Let’s talk about 104,280,000,000.

If I had 104,280,000,000 grains of rice, I could feed every person in Uganda a meal. That’s 35,000,000 people.

If I had 104,280,000,000 eggs, I could give every household on the planet a dozen eggs each week for two months.

If I had 104,280,000,000 two-by-four studs, I’d have enough lumber to build 261 million Habitat homes (the way we build them in Evansville).

$104,280,000,000 – that’s the amount of money that will transfer from one generation to another in the next ten years.

What if I had only a measly 5% of $104,280,000,000? What mission could I accomplish?

If your congregation isn’t asking your members for a small part of that transfer, Indiana University will. Or Louisville. Or Harvard. Or Stanford!

By the way, don’t read those linked articles if you want to keep your head in the sand.